Why Buy a Steering Wheel Knob?

1. Use only one arm. It is very challenging to maneuver a vehicle with a single arm using a car steering wheel. A steering knob is a tool that enables you to keep a hold of the wheel and move in a smooth motion with less stress with the right or left hand. The large, gear shift like knob offers plenty of surface space. 

2. Drive with a physical disability or health issue. Some health problems, such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, tendonitis, or nerve damage, may make seemingly simple tasks difficult to perform. Steering wheel knobs can improve your hand control and quality of life by making driving easier since you can move the wheel with less strength.

3. Maneuver a vehicle in small spaces. One of the only times where driving gets problematic, it’s challenging to move a car or truck around a parking lot or other areas with limited space. A steering wheel assist knob makes the job less difficult by turning the wheel more quickly with a single hand than with two.

4. Drive on narrow, unpaved roads. Steering knobs make it simpler to make U-turns on single-lane or gravel roads. They’re also a great aid on country roads where steering may be strenuous.

5. Back up larger vehicles. Sticking your fingers through the spokes of a steering wheel can be uncomfortable, especially if you routinely drive a large truck. A steering wheel knob can help you avoid sore digits by keeping your hand in front of the wheel at all times.

Types of Steering Wheel Knobs

Traditional Steering Wheel Knobs

These knobs are generally round or oval in shape and are meant to be gripped by the hand as if holding a ball. Some are even rectangular in shape and are easy to grip like a joystick.

Low-Profile, Flat Knobs

This type of steering wheel knob lies flat against the wheel and moves using the palm of the hand. These knobs don’t jut out as much as others and are maneuvered in a slightly different way than traditional knobs due to their size and shape.

Post time: Sep-07-2019